tennis super hard and buggy. Driving me mad....PLS help if you can

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Ok I have done all the bronze, silver and gold medals, trophies etc and I do really like this game. BUT when you step up a level to the championship matches something changes and its nasty. every so often I am getting kind of like dropped frames and the picture freezes and then jumps for a split second. Just long enough for it to say "late" or "early" and the ball whizzes past. Its driving me crazy. It is so hard to win a match on the levels. Also it has strangely become nearly impossible to hit a cross court forehand which also makes it really hard to win a point. I have managed to defeat the first three people but that took about 4 hours. Its almost like the AI cheats when you are winning and all of a sudden there are ungettable shots coming at you or the screen jump thing when they hit a hard and low slice shot. Has anyone else experienced this. Got any tips for these opponents. I have noticed it is worth volleying against these guys as you never can win from the back of the court. Also drop shots followed by lobs or passes is effective.