confirming custom name. please help!

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Hi guys. I know what I'm about to ask is totally basic, but I'm completely new on ps and it's really driving me crazy. So, I have created a champion, chose her chlotes, chose number of controllers and all and now I'm stuck with choosing a name.. there are some available, but I want her to have my name so I clicked on 'custom', a keyboard opens and I type in my name and then I'm ready to confirm it and here is the problem: I don't know how to confirm it :( I'm using ps3move motion controller but I also have dualshock. I've tried confirming my name with all the buttons on both controllers (move and dualshock). Yesterday when I was typing a name in some other game all I had to do was press 'start' button (I was doing it with dualshock controller). I think I had to press it twice because after the first time it only made a space but after the second one the name was confirmed. But in sports champions 2 I can't confirm this custum chosen name. If I press 'start' button a title shows saying "Invalid character entered.". Please help me because I'm truly losing my mind over this. Thanks so much!