Sports Car GT, not a good game though!

User Rating: 4.2 | Sports Car GT PC
When I first bought this game, I thought it would be a great game! But I was wrong, the sound and graphics was horrible! It was hard too steer without the ''Auto-Pilot'' as I call it.(Don't remember what it was called in the game) And when I looked at the main-site for this game on gamespot, there are not many who got it, and only(!!!) 7 users play's it, and only(!!!) 3 users want's it. And I know why, because it's a bad game. Even though it may look's cool, it's not. The whole game is not realistic at all, the cars. I wonder if the cars there where Authorised or not? Off, I wonder why I would waste my time on writting this Review on such a poor game.