The game that started it all...

User Rating: 4 | Sports Car GT PC
Perusing the reviews for Simbin games, I couldn't help but notice that I never bothered to write a review for the original, Sports Car GT!

Okay, so actually, this isn't a Simbin game. Simbin simply took the engine and used it to release half a dozen "games" which use it. Apparently Simbin couldn't be bothered to go to the trouble of writing a whole game engine.

Anyway, if you've played GTR/GT Legends/GTR2/RACE/RACE 07, you've played this game. No kidding: other than some different cars, some different tracks, and maybe a few *slight* graphical tweaks, they are all the same game, and all are based on Sports Car GT.

This game was actually pretty cool back in 1999, when the graphics were GORGEOUS, but now they kind of suck, and given that Simbin hasn't really improved the engine they've been milking for the last ten years, it's really starting to show its age. Just like current Simbin games, there's no damage modeling in this game. Also like the current Simbin games, the physics in this game suck. They always have. A lot of PC gamers don't seem to realize this. I cannot state enough how much the physics in this game suck. Probably because there's a HUGE amount of noise about how great GTR is and blah blah blah, from a bunch of people who are either completely ignorant about actual racing or are trying to fool themselves into thinking it's a good game.

Seriously, this game, and all the Simbin games that have followed it, DOES NOT HANDLE REALISTICALLY. Period. There were games with better physics YEARS before this game was released (any Papyrus game, TOCA 1&2, etc). If you think this game has good physics, then you're ignorant. If you like crappy physics, that's fine with me, but at least be real and own up to the fact that they do suck.

Since this game WAS released in 1999, I'll give it a little more credit than most of the Simbin rehashes... at least this one was original, at the time. It was still a mediocre game back then though, not worth buying or even playing, and I'd have to say that if you're itching to throw your money towards Simbin, buy GT Legends. But if you really need to prove it to yourself how much the GTR series sucks and hasn't significantly improved in almost ten years, fire up Sports Car GT and prepared to get some deja vu.

I had a force feedback wheel back when I originally bought this game, and even that couldn't help save it from the trash can. This game, like the Simbin versions, had absolutely no character and was not only boring but a CHORE to play.