the evolutionary process......... a strange thing.............

User Rating: 10 | Spore PC

"Huh......where am I?" Your cell says as it comes to life for the first time. So, your cell decides, "I'm hungry, I'll go look for food." And you get your first mission as your journey begins!

WOW! AND I MEAN WOW! This is one of the best games, in the HISTORY of best games! You start as a micro-celled organism, and work your way up to galactic emperor! Anyways, here is my rating:

Game play/Storyline: 10.0: There is not really a story line........ It basically goes from cell to creature to tribe to civ. and finally to SPACE: the final frontier!

Graphics: 9.5: The graphics are awesome, but sometimes....... it can get really messed up, and cause the game to freeze up and stuff.

FUN!: 10.0: This game will have you saying "One more HOUR!" This game is so addictive, not only can you play the main game, but you can also have fun in the creators creating things like creatures, vehicles, ect.

Overall: 9.75: Like I said, great main game play/storyline, Graphics are almost perfect, and the fun is just off the charts, that is why this is one of my favorite games.