Spore, Great game See why

User Rating: 10 | Spore PC
Spore is a game which is pretty good but not too good though, but still a mind blowing game to play. But the thing that drags me into playing Spore and any other Spores are the creators. You can spend endless hours making grand monsters.-- Game play- 8/10

To have good graphics it really slows down the computer and when you get the graphics in the middle it does not slow your computer or even a laptop. And the graphics really good. Animation is not so good, I mean the doesn't move like an animal -- Graphics- 9/10

There are some glicthes like getting stuck in a nest or an egg so thats a down-side but they make patches to stop that.
Its a Awesome game when ever you are board, happy, sad, mad, in love, and crazy. Well I Guess Your Done with this review. This is my first review so tell me how to do better