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User Rating: 8.5 | Spore PC
Spore! Supremely in depth? No, not really. But why would you want it to be? It has multiple epochs of evolution with a general approach that every man woman and his/her dog could handle in a strategy game. Would a die hard micromanaging strategist like this game? No. It is not that type of game.

Spore is a a game based on very basic and wonderful creativity. You will probably find that you will spend most of your time just doing this alone. The strategy gaming element is not really that simulation based as other deep and engrossing games of the genre. This is more of a real time fun adventure simulation that is simple, to the point and genuinely addictive. It is most definitely one of the most epic games to date.

I highly recommend Spore to every gamer out there if they just want something different for once. We got the Call of Duty's. We got the Command and Conquer's. But there is nothing out there like this. Guaranteed :)