Repetative game with a limitless charater designer.

User Rating: 6 | Spore PC
Good news is you can design your own character/creature. This effects stats and some different abilities. The designs and colors you can use are unbelievable. And you run across other unique creatures each time you play.

Bad news. You need certain abilities to advance in the game. You need to perform the exact same acts to advance no matter what type of creature you have. If you can't sing, guess what the game is harder, if you can't dance, it's gets even harder.

So if you want a little more than creature creator download, this game gives you things to do between providing more creature customization. Obviously I bought this game thinking it was a SIM type game so I am a little biased. I made it to space once thinking the whole time that it'd get better, then never played again.

Bottom line is this is not a SIM or a revolutionary game, the creature creator is. This is a multi-staged simple problem solving game with a custom avatar that anyone can play.