Spore starting problems

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I just thought I should share my problems with this frustrating game and getting it to work......My system: Intel Core 2 CPU 2GB DDR2 Ram Asus Motherboard Windows XP PRo 64-bit I tried installing it and reinstalling it....Tried deauthorization with the EA tool and tried the secureRom diagnostic tool. I tried disabling unnecessary services and None of it worked but I did discover what did..... Turning off Windows Update. It turns out this game will not run when windows update is running in the system tray. This issue does not appear to affect Windows 7 64-bit systems. Now I do not know if this workaround will work with windows XP home/pro 32-b it. I just thought I should share this since I see numerous people across the internet having trouble with this game starting. If you have any questions email me at ainygma@aol.com P.S. It also will not run with virtual disc software such as magicdisc either so turn that off before starting the game. I apologize for posting this message in the wrong forum but the PC Spore forum is closed. Thanks again for reading and hope my tips will help you out.
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I am encountering the same problems on a PC system similar in specs to what you are using. The only workaround I found to solve the issue was installing Windows 7 and running the game on it. It now works smoothly.