Spore Hero Review

User Rating: 3 | Spore Hero WII
When EA and Maxis announced Spore was coming for the Wii, I was shocked. I heard how good Spore was for the PC, so I decided to get it for the Wii. When I first started playing, I was a bit disappointed that it skipped the Cell stage, but that was ok. Apparently you start out as a blue thing with a roundish body and weird eyes. After a simple tutorial from some of the other creatures, you get the chance to edit your hero. It's basically the same thing as the PC version's creature creator, except one difference. You can't change the body shape on your own, you have to chose from one of the 15 or so they give you. This angered me because the creature creator features was the main reason I even got this game. The combat is absolutely Terrible, you can only face 1 thing at a time in a tiny arena, where you use moves that are given to you when you add certain parts to your creature. All you have to do to fight is basically flail your arms back and forth while holding the Wii controller and it makes your creature make some kind of Scooby-Doo running noise and ram into your opponent. Spore Hero introduces a story mode too, where apparently black and red crystals fall from the sky and make creatures freak out for some reason, which makes them become hostile and attack you. The game also introduces 2 or 3 mini games. Each one is equally bad and annoying. near the end there's a creature guarding a cave full of creature parts and he doesn't move until you dance with him correctly without messing up. So like my dancing skills, it's a 3 outta 10.