This expansion has alot of things to do, all the while with endless posibilities.

User Rating: 9 | Spore Galactic Adventures PC
When I first heard of spore galactic adventures, I didn't know if it would be awsome, or good but get's boring, like the original spore. Turns out I made a worth decision to get this. If you like variety and community sharing, you will love this game. In spore galactic adventures, you are now able to take your captain from the space stage, and beam down to planets to to missions/adventures. These adventures, as they call them, can include just about anything imaginable. You will play through war, exploring, collecting, befriending, puzzles and mazes and much more. More or less, it looks like this:you are beamed down from a familier looking abduction beam and are intruduced to the adventure. Usually you will talk to some sort of creature or alien ( or a car, building, or some object, as it is possible) who will then ask you to do a favor wiche includes anything I just said before. Or you will just charge into battle as missles fly around you and the odd yelling of civilized aliens. Getting a mission is easy, just ask one from any empire and you will be asked to beam down to a specific planet to do whatever. After completing a mission, you will earn spore points, in wiche you gain ranks. Whenever you complete a rank with the required spore points, you can choose a new acessorie for your captain. There are a total of 32 acessories to earn. Ranging from weapons to social tools to armour and jetpacks and a couple other things, all of wiche can be added in the captain outfitter. The other thing that you can do in spore galactic adventures is, you were waiting for this, crate your own adventures/missions. This is where the variety comes in, for you can create anything your imagination wants. Go ahead and place 10 epic creatures onto a battle arena straight from your head. Or two huge armies and duke it out in a city under attack by a navy or airliners, it's up to you, and it can be pretty fun, especially when you can publish them online for others to play and rate yours, just you can play an endless varity of adventures from maxis orthe community. For each and every adventure, there is a leaderboard where you can see where you stand against the leaders, the world or just with your buddies. There are also medels that get passed around from the highest leaders. The only bad thing I would say for spore galactic dventures is that it would be possible for some adventures to be to confusing, or that sometimes your captain does not have the required acessories to comlete the adventure. Well you pretty much get my point, spore galactic adventures is defenetly worth the wait, the system requirements arn't neccesarily high, and you will have alot of fun playing with variety.