Dont even think about it

User Rating: 1 | Spore Creatures DS
wow the worst game ever made has now come to kill the DS spirit. agian dont even think about it not only has recked the name of spore but has mutalated the ds. Its not fun in any way, you would get more fun putting it in a microwave oven and letting it burn slowly. Now dont get it rong Spore for the computer is an amazing game that can be played non stop for years on end with no repression. But it is nothing like that for the ds, not only does it look like a four year old drawing on the back of a placemat at wendys, but also has no custom peices for use. And the buildings cant be made in an easy way even if you use the stylist and not the d pad. It is also way to easy and has no challenge what so ever so if you are thinking about giting this game think agian and buy the one for the computer or wait for the wii one that will hopefully be as good as the comps one.