I just coughed up all my blood.

User Rating: 1 | Spore Creatures DS
Spore, a great PC game that everyone enjoyed, especially me.
When Spore was announced on DS I was really excited! The day I bought it and put it into my DS, the worst game I ever played seemed to come up. When it tells you what to do in a mission, they say it in a very confusing way, so you will spend about an hour figuring it out.

The "create your creature" part was the only good thing. Although there isn't a lot of features. So i would go to Spore creature creator on the PC if I where you.

Let's go though why this game is so bad.
Your "creature" is completely 2D in a 3D world so when you spin around you will see that your creature is totally 2D.
The games controls are TERRIBLE
They tell you things in a very confusing way
and all I can say is...
don't... play... OR you will cough up your lungs eventually.