Decent Spongebob game for the kids.

User Rating: 6 | SpongeBob's Truth or Square X360
I've seen every single episode of Spongebob from season 1 through season 5, so I guess you can call me a fan. The videogames though, I've never played, so this is the first Spongebob game for me. It is of course very kid-friendly, very simple and very easy to get into.

The game has Spongebob trying to remember where he put the secret krabby patty formula, so the game is strictly "Flashbacks", save for the last level. Cool, so you get to relive episodes, not quite, Plankton is inside Spongebob's brain, warping his memories, so the events in the game aren't following the events in the episodes, they're just vaguely similar in certain places. As Spongebob you run, jump and fight your way through the stages. At the beginning you only have one move, the frying pan slam, Spongebob transforms his head into a frying pan in order to strike the enemies. It is a fairly lame move, however you get two, yes that's only two, more moves later on. One spin attack and one shooting attack. Taking down enemies gets boring instantaneous. But there are power ups, which has Patrick, Sandy or Squidward assisting you for more devestating moves. There's also an invincibility power up, and a muscle powerup, making your attacks more powerful. The game has little in the way of puzzles, it's just running, jumping and fighting enemies. Occassionally taking down a boss. Kids are most likely gonna love it though.

The game has charm, the voiceactors from the show are all here, however the humour of the show is really lacking here. It's just not funny, which is a real shame. The game is not a looker by any means, but the characters and stages are all well done and look pretty much like they do in the show.

Spongebob: Truth or Square is a decent platformer, kids are probably really gonna like it, because's Spongebob right? Me? Slightly entertained sporadically, but ultimately not impressed.