sb's first ever four player game, AND IT'S A PARTY ONE! NOT FOR Wii! WAIT THEY DIDN'T HAVE THAT BACK THEN!

User Rating: 7 | SpongeBob SquarePants: Lights, Camera, Pants! PS2
spongebob, whats about this guy that makes all those kidies have a riot? whatevs, this is a very cool game. it's abrat spongebob and all the gang atuitoning for a mermaid man movie (it's like batman and robin for the spongebob world) so you pick a character and play in mini games. here are some of my favs. rock bottom, back then this was guitar hero for me. it's a rythem type game. there are 6 sections and each character has a SOLO! i can't remeber the name but i think it's prison break, in this one you put some midget prisoners and help em' out. you can have up to 3 guys in a badsket. oh ya! and theres a claw that will pick you up and wast time. at the end of story mode and after all the votes are cast you get to watch the episode with your characters. the story never changes when you poll diffrent characters just diffrent dilouge. it would have been cooler if the story changed when if you played as patrick (reason #21 why shadow the hedgehog was cool). at the end you get the chose your own story where you could place any character in any role. there was a cheat code that got it. the verdect (i love typing that) if your under 121/2 then BUY this game. there is a good amount of gameplay in this game that you can keep it.