the only reason i have this game is because i bought it new six years ago.

User Rating: 4 | SpongeBob Squarepants: Legend of the Lost Spatula GBC
this game i loved it 6 years ago because i was nine at the time.i still have it because i saved up my allowance for like five or six months *SIGH*.it was a total waste of money.ok on to the review now!.this game graphically is ok its for the GBC so it cant really be done this game spongebob is riding his bike thru the sea and runs in to a oven which leads to him asking mr.krabs about it he tells him about the oven knobs and how he needs to find them.the levels on the game are places in the series like the carnival.there are goals in the game like for instance you need to get jellyfish jelly for squidward when you find them they give you awards like the automatic spatchula.the bosses are easy there are about five bosses in all not included the flying dutchman he is the easiest one of theme all.during it all you find your self bored with the end its all really easy there is nuthing once you beat besides replay it which i only did a couple hundred times LOL.thx for reading.