At first, it's pretty fun, but it's very unlikely you'll play it a second time, even IF it has lots of unlockables.

User Rating: 5 | SpongeBob SquarePants: Creature from the Krusty Krab GC
The Good: Quite a few things to collect;The gameplay is fairly fun at first;the graphics are nice;Superb voice acting

The Bad: You'll most likely be avoiding this game by the time you fully complete it;Has almost none of the charm Battle for Bikini Bottom or The Movie had;Some of the sound effects are GBA quality;some of the worlds are very short;animations are very N64-esquie;no real bosses to fight;the platforming is generic;The jokes aren't very funny;You can beat the game in a day;WHY DID NICK FIRE HEAVY IRON STUDIOS IN THE FIRST PLACE??!!

Everyone now knows Spongebob as the highly popular sponge with his own hit TV show. However, 2005, 2006, and 2007 were when Spongebob's popularity began to decline with less humorous episodes and crappy plots.

And even if Nick is only doing their job, they're sure as hell not doing it very well today.

The Movie game and Battle for Bikini Bottom were highly popular and high-quality platformers. When I saw this game in the bargain bin, I was exploding with excitement. I was really giddy when I put this in my Gamecube and started playing...

But I was disappointed by the time I made it to the last world.

Gameplay: 2.7.

The gameplay in this game is piss-poor!! I have simply never seen a 2000-quality Spongebob game this bad! The game starts off as a racing game, but quickly turns into a platformer, then into a beat-em-up, then into a shooter, platformer, etc. Like I said, at FIRST this game can be rather fun to play, but the game gets extremely stale and average when you fully beat it. Sure, there are a large variety of collectables and wha tnot, but Gameplay that mostly relies on bonus material to be good sucks at best.
Overall, this area gets a 2.7.

Sound: 5.0.

A 1.0 for the terrible music, a 10.0 for the voice acting.
The voice acting is great and all, but the music is very poor. Some of the sound effects seem like GBA quality, and the jokes you hear aren't exactly hysterical.
The music is like listening to someone lick a popsicle.
5.0 for nice voice acting, but for bad music and sound effects.

Graphics: 8.0.

The designs look sublime, but some of the animations look like N64 quality almost.

An 8.0 for priceless design, but for short-coming animations.

Replay: 3.0.

This is where the game has the most cracks. The game is enjoyable the first playthrough and getting all the bonus items, but after that it's nothing but a game just for a game.

Overall: 5.0.

If only Nick could've stuck to Heavy Iron Studio's work. I mean;At first, it's pretty fun, but it's very unlikely you'll play it a second time, even IF it has lots of unlockables. People looking for an excellent Spongebob game should avoid this and stick to the other Spongebob games, as this game just doesn't have anything very speacil to wholeheartly ofter.