its really fun... i don't see any reason for a Spongbob fan not to get it, plus there are ultra fun and helpful cheats!

User Rating: 8.5 | SpongeBob SquarePants: Creature from the Krusty Krab WII
i love this game! Globs of Doom and this game are my fav Spongebob games!
there are so many helpful and just plain fun cheats!

Sound: great i give it a 7! it's really good sound! Trust me.

Graphics: i'm not a graphic critic (as said in my Ben 10 AF VA review)
but the graphics are really good. the graphics are accurate to create Spongebob, Patrick, Plankton, The Creature from the Krusty Krab (i won't spoil what the creature is for those of you who don't have it), and old man Jenkins (at least for this version of his appearance)

The good: -The following great cheats:
-Punk Spongebob in Diesel Dreaming (cheat code is SPONGE)
-Pirate Patrick in Rooftop Rumble (cheat code is PIRATE)
-Play Plankton with Spongebob's clothes in Giant Patty Chase (cheat code is PANTS)
-Play Plankton with Astronaut suit in Revenge of the Giant Plankton Monster
(cheat code is ROBOT)
-get 30,000 Z-coins (cheat code is ROCFISH)
-Tuxedo for Patrick in Starfishman to the rescue (cheat code is PATRICK)
-Invinciblity (cheat code is VIGOR)
-All levels (cheat code is GUDGEON)
-Infinite fuel (cheat code is GASSY)
-Sleepy Seed Tracker (cheat code is TISSUE)
-All Sleepy Seeds (cheat code is SCOOTLES)
-All bonus games (cheat code is PORKPIE)
-Lab coat for Plankton in Giant Patty Chase (cheat code is INVENT)
-Aviator suit for Spongebob in It Came From Bikini Bottom (cheat code is PILOT)
-Spongebob is a skeleton in Alaskan Belly Trouble (so that it looks like his skin was eaten when the Bullworm ate him) (cheat code is KRABBY)
-Spongebob looks like he did when Patrick shaved all Spongebob's skin off in the Halloween Episode "Scaredy Pants" in Hypnotic Highway (meaning Spongebob's Brain is Exposed) (cheat code is BRAIN)
-Patrick gets Safari Costume (i don't know which level) (cheat code is SAFARI)
-Patrick is a skeleton in Hypnotic Highway (cheat code is BONES)
-Patrick's Attack has a different POW effect in Starfishman to the rescue
(cheat code is SPIN)

-good graphics
-good sound
-perfect level difficulty
-good storyline

The bad: -Hard and annoying flying controls
-HORIBLE driving conrols (i crash all the time) (i have yet to use the Wiimote like a steering wheel)
-Repeated Races in Diesel Dreaming are pointless.

Overall: i really love this game. overall i give it an 8.5 also there are actually 2 ways to sprint (in Spongebob and Patrick platforming levels only) they are:
1.shake nunchuck downward 2. press up button on the +Control pad