this game is strange.

User Rating: 5 | SpongeBob SquarePants: Creature from the Krusty Krab PS2
yet anyother game for spongebob and it's very,very,very,very,veeerrry wired. the game is about spongebob, patrick, and planktons dreams (hey this sounds like nights lol) each one is a level (no dip) and they go like get to point a to b, a race, and a extra one. now as i said it's just wired and thats by the level disignes. they are strange and gave me nightmars as a kid. as befour each level gose as spongebob, patrick, and plankton or it could be easyer if they played it out like sonic adventure and sonic heros when you could chose which one you wanted. so at the end they engage in a race. and by which character you play as the story ends diffrently (thats the thing i was asking for in my lights camera panits review) you can also get coins to by some stuff in the shop. you can get artwork, music, and other things. the verdect is if your a 10 year old kid who for some reason can't get enough of this never ending fransice of spongebob game then rent it. theres no reason for you to buy it.