pure brutal and bloody fun aswell

User Rating: 8.5 | Splatterhouse X360
this game came out in 2010 ,it got some negative reviews and im guessing there wont be a sequal any time soon ,as i dont think it sold well seeing that this market is flooded with ,shooters and other stuff, so i saw this on sale,and decided to take a chance on it ,well im glad i did this game is just pure fun,
i haven't played a game in ages on where im determined to finish it ,in a long time,its a simple story boy loves girl ,girl gets taken by evil scientist to be sacrificed to evil gods,and you put on an ancient mask and gain incredible powers to get your girl jen back,you know the usual stuff .
This game is a remake the the late 80's and early 90's version of the same name ,it has a following i guess and i see that namco who devoloped the earlier games have put alot of love and tribute to their 2010 version ,thats no to say it doesnt have bugs aswell, rick our hero of sorts has a terrible jump ,its like he has concret shoes its just bad and some levels were you have to jump ,are very unforgiving,and then theres the loading screen so when you die which you will ALOT lol,they just load for ages ,i thought i was on an old console at one stage ,really drove me batty sometimes,but if you overlook that ,you will enjoy this game ,the combos are fun and brutal and when you do finish moves it makes kratos from gow series look like a **** ,this beatem up game with platformer elements is alotta fun and reminds me of oldschool games which im fond of ,the voice acting is great specailly the guy who does the mask hes great,and funny ,theres plenty of different type of enemies to kill and in lots of brutal disgusting ways and some cool unlockables if your bit of a perv there pieces of photos of your girlfriend jen laying around find all to see the whole pic some are rude,this isnt a kids game either there some grafic violence and language be warned the F word is used alot ,.the look of the game is great cartoony and some of the level design is great ,the main character rick looks cool in his hocky mask from hell, and when he takes down enemies watch the blood run down the walls and on your tv screen ,he has a beserker mode when full he will unleash , major pain on any enemies around him ,you collect blood to unlock moves and weapon perks ,rick has some cool weapons to use to ,chunks of wood,iron pipes ,shotgun and a chainsaw which is really cool to use ,theres also a survival mode that you can play aswell kill as many enemies as you can before dying which fun ,and also which great namco have also included the original splatterhouse games for you to play ,you unlock each one as you progress threw the story mode,
must also mention that the soundtrack is **** with a heavymetal feel .
Like i said ive enjoyed this game its a bit rough round the edges but i think thats what appeals to me ,it didnt break any boundaries ,or try to change its formula it is what it is , so i imbraced this little bargain number and have enjoyed it greatly ,so take a trip down memory lane when games were simple button mashers ,but were addictive fun ...