User Rating: 7 | Splatoon WIIU

Well I've been playing the game since lunch day and ... I'm already done with it !

The game is pretty light on stuff to do and saddly a lot of stuff that would add to the longevity of the game is locked being Amiibo ... in my country the game is selling for 69,99$ and the 3 pack Amiibo is 39,99$ and all that plus taxes ... we are looking at a 130$ game and it isn't Worth it at all.

I did play during the test fire and it waas fun but it was short ... now that I can play it whenever I want ... I see the shorts coming of the turf war online only mode ... it could've been avalaible to play offline with bots but no.

I know Nintendo will add for free a bunch of stuff through out the summer but I doubt I'll playing the game for that long.

I managed to be level 11 and I'm at the 3rd section of the single player section ... I feel more like going back to Bayonetta or dust out my PS3 and play Unreal Tournament 3 ... or maybe playing Mario Kart 8 that offer a lot more options and fun.