"THE" racing game for the X-box!!!

User Rating: 10 | Splashdown XBOX
To say that Splashdown is a great game is to cheat it! Imagine a racing game so non-linear that you can actually run the courses backward! Imagine no more because with this game you can. One of the coolest things about Splashdown rests in the ability to "dump" the race and just go exploring the huge and beautifully rendered environments! The fun factor intensifies during races, owing to great water physics( I guarantee you'll love the feel of this game more than ANY other water sports game! Hands Down!) There's a decent incentive to keep on busting tricks from a very large array of moves. Tricks add performance to your jet ski and that wins races as well as makes tougher tricks easier, which adds performance... well you get the idea.

For additional kicks, try running the Madrid course backwards,see how many oncoming racers you can "head on". It sounds sick, and it IS but it's just an example of how deep this game is.

I can't say enough about the graphics and sound. The water effects and toons are great!

Grab this game and prepare to kiss your weekend "good-bye".