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User Rating: 4 | Spider-Man: Web of Shadows (Amazing Allies Edition) PS2
First of all, don't believe the title. This is not the same game as the superb X-Box and PS3 versions. Instead of being a 3-D free-roamer with awesome combat and the ability to throw cars, this is a 2-D platformer with a barely existent storyline and largely forgettable gameplay. In all honesty, the one thing that keeps me from vomiting at the very sight of this game is the combat. While it starts out simple with only punch and kick attacks, eventually you can unlock some pretty flashy combos for both the red and black suits. However, outside of the combat (and the occasional bit of funny dialogue between Spidey and some civillians) this game is completely dissappointing. Maybe I wouldn't have such a low opinion of it if it's counterparts on other consoles weren't so amazing. For instance, if I had known that I was buying a 2-D platformer and not the amazing action game I had heard so much about, I might acually enjoy it. But, the dissappointment of getting the wrong game has ruined it for me.