May be one of the best Spiderman games in graphics, game-play, and sound.

User Rating: 9.5 | Spider-Man: Web of Shadows PC
Spider-Man game's ranged from poorest poor to decent, but now Shaba studios has brought us Spider Man web of shows, presenting us great graphics, superb gameplay, and good voice acting.

Story 8.6/10

The story here is that new york city is being attacking and overwhelmed by symboits, spawned by venom, and New york city is crisis everywhere, people running, Symboits attacking everything, spidey is infected once again by the symbiot, giving him ability to switch into his black suit, the story keeps changing.

The Story has lots of things happening in it, that game lets you choose what spider-man will, the black choice will make spider man turn into black and do something bad, the red choice, spiderman will be red and blue and do good things, depending on your choices in the game, you will get different endings. And also, depending on your choices some good guys or bad ones will help you.

Graphics 10/10

one of the best graphics i saw, possibly the most graphically advanced spider man game

Sound 7.5

the music is good, while everybody's voice acting is good, Spiderman's voice may seems annoying a times, but is great at others

Gameplay 9.1/10

the game presents the best button mashing in years, there are combos to unlock, slick web-strick moves, and devastating black suit moves, glitches and bugs come in the way of the fun sometimes, but because of my luck i rarely encounter them.

Lasting appeal 8.5/10

Will find yourself repeating the game so could free-roam, unlock more moves, and get all different endings.