Good fighting system and variety of enemies, everything else is meh.

User Rating: 6.5 | Spider-Man: Web of Shadows DS
This game is a beat-em up starring spiderman... and that's about it really.The game is extremely simple, you fight through scenarios till you finish the game, and then the credits roll.

Having said that, the game has very good core mechanics, meaning that fighting as spidey is not only satisfying but it also has lots of depth.
You can chain combos in a devil may cry fashion, with a combo meter that raises if you manage to not get hit and not repeat the same moves to often.
You can also use your webbing to fight and to move around the scenario, the game really lets you do almost anything spidey would do, which is an amazing achievement having in mind this is the DS.

The only bad thing about the combat system would be that you can't fluidly change between black suit and regular suit, the animation is to long, it breaks the flow of the combat in my opinion.

But this is one of the two vital aspects in a fight, the other one is not that good.
What I mean is the enemies, while they have variety, their patters are to predictable, they only become a threat in big numbers.
Also, they all look the same, which i can't understand, even the bosses are all black goo. They could have added some skins and we could have fight carnage or green goblin. But no, we just fight black goo, even as final boss. With the exception of venom, which is already black goo anyway.

So... I don't know, having in mind the game lasts about 5 hours, I can't recommend more than a rental on this one, but it will be a good rental.