Extremely repetetive.

User Rating: 6 | Spider-Man: Web of Shadows X360
They've done well with the free roam feature, but the city still feels dead. Unlike games like GTA 4 where you feel as if you're not alone, this game makes you feel extremely lonely. When you launch into a crowd of people, they either boo you, if you're the black spiderman, or they will cheer you on, if you're the red spiderman. The game itself as in gameplay was okay. The missions were fun in the beginning, but then it started getting repetetive. There was always a pattern of "Find, Kill, Chase". You would have to find your mission, kill a person and then the next mission there would be a chase. It's fun for children, but if you're 12 or above, stay away from this game. It's no fun for those who are old enough to think for themselves. GIving this as a gift to a younger one would be more suitable.