User Rating: 1 | Spider-Man: Web of Shadows (Amazing Allies Edition) PSP
Gamespot, Together with IGN's rating of 7(WTF!!?), your oversight and all the the other hype surrounding this game have just lost me £25. This game is absolutely rubbish.

I would very much appreciate you changing the game description so it applies to the PSP version. It's lazy & very misleading to describe it as free roaming: It could say something like 'UTTERLY SH*T SIDE SCROLLER!!' for starters. This seemss very indicative of the growing apathy that Gamespot has towards the PSP.

Activision have done some decent comic franchise titles in the past but this is plain gash. It is absolutely terrible and is nothing more than an afterthought. It bares no resemblence to the console versions, even though it has been marketed in that fashion and there should be something in law re. trade description about this kind of generalised advertising.

Shocking rip off. I would advise that people stay the hell away from it.