Incredible Hand-held Action!

User Rating: 9 | Spider-Man: Web of Shadows DS
I'm gonna make this one a quickie, since I wrote about it elsewhere. But it's a game I would hate to see get overlooked or written off by folks who've had enough with the Spider-man series on DS. This is the sixth game on the handheld, so you have to wonder what else Activision could possibly offer with Spider-man.

I read the official IGN review, and I'm pleased they enjoyed it. But Harris seems to have missed one of the most important elements of this game -- something you won't see in any other DS game, including Ninaj Gaiden: Dragon Sword. Web of Shadows allows you to chain combos with pretty much the same freedom, fluidity and fun as the first Xbox Ninja Gaiden game. Truly an incredible feat on DS.

Additionally, the AI here is smart as hell. Bosses aren't cheap, but they're lightning fast, have deadly attacks, tons of HP, and if you attempt to spam your way out of danger, they'll change their tactics.

There are five areas of New York you'll have access to, and though it is a short game, you really get a big burst of fun jam packed into the experience. It's a game you'll enjoy playing again.

It's also a game that looks fantastic on DS. The character models move very smoothly, and the environments and lighting are some of the best the system is likely to ever see. Sound effects and music, too, are right up there in league with the quality of the rest of the game.

I'm not the biggest Spidey fan, though I did have fun with both Ultimate Spider-man and Battle for New York. But I'm always on the lookout for a good action adventure. This one is tops. If you are looking for a stiff challenge and a combat system to back it up, do not pass on this game.