Swore too much, had to go

User Rating: 4 | Spider-Man: Web of Shadows PC

I was excited at first when launching this game, because the last Spider-Man title I played was Spider-Man: The Movie which wasn't exactly... well you know. But Turns out that even though graphics are quite acceptable and most concepts in the game are pretty good to (like 8/10 good) it's a real shame that all of that is just almost unplayable. Even after configuring the controls perfectly, I didn't manage to play the game. Meaning that after the third timed mission I gave up - I just wasn't able to beat the clock and move on because Spidey would just not obey me. In games like these there is either the old-school controls, where you have to be agile and aim properly etc. or the new (and imho much more enjoyable option), where you have some kind of lock-on-target mechanism built in, so you don't NEED to aim. Now that part is broken like hell because it's pretty much NEITHER! If you want to play without touching it, it wont let you, it will keep locking onto targets. Problem is it's jumping all around between targets, making spidey swing like he was 80 with alzheimer's! IF you try to use it, same deal. In the end I was swearing so bad, that my gf had to shut me down and the game had to go. Even if you're a hardcore fan - maybe especially if you are one - and if you don't plan on going bald eraly I do not recommend! :(