Spiderman:Web of Shadows is a good game,but repetitive as hell.

User Rating: 7 | Spider-Man: Web of Shadows PS3
Meanwhile Spiderman 2 and 3 are decent games on the ps2,the first spiderman game i played is isn't worth of such things as best spiderman game ever.

The menu is dissapoinment and theres no costumes,and has bad story.

The music is excellent,but the voiceover sucks,especeally spidey,but another ones are funny like Luke Cage or Wolverine.Still,the voices sucks.

The combos are repetitive,and the game has glitches(Frozen,enter into a building,when you are about to kill someone magically dissapear,etc),still,the combos are great,but theres little use of this,just keep mashing the button.For not saying that the missions are repetitive and they are too easy.Still,theres some fun.But is repetitive as hell.

Lasting Appeal:7.5
Meanwhile the red endings are closed,the black endings(speceally the black ending withouth black cat) are really open.In that ending you might be wondering if he gets MJ or no,but to unlock all endings you will take a looooong time.