User Rating: 3.5 | Spider-Man: The Movie (Classics) XBOX
Not good...not good...definitely NOT good.
This game probably has the quality of the N64 one! I've seen computer games better than this! AHHHHHHHHHH!

Gameplay-4/10-This game is not fun, maybe the first time you play it. But after that it gets VERY boring. While it might be fun to throw punches and cars at the bad guys, this game very poorly gives an entertaining view to play from. The only thing somewhat entertaining are Spiderman's jokes in the middle of fights. the title of my review. The bad guys ALL look the same, it's like they're all clones. I find that the way a piece of spiderman's arm might flicker and fade in different areas of the screen not very entertaining. I personally expected much more out this game.

Sound-4/10-No good, like a lop-sided field-goal kick, the sound fails like the rest of the game, dialect in the game is the same over...and over...and over again. He might say-"Say hello to my fist!" five times in a minute. It's very pathetic. The background music is even worse, if anything will get to you in this game first, that's it. The music will drive you crazy! Especially if you continually keep failing the mission.

Value-2/10-The most I would pay to buy this game is say...carry the one...divide...the two...ah-ha! Around maybe three dollars!
That's how crappy this game is. If you were thinking about buying this game, I suggest you might want to save your money for the next Halo game instead. It very loosely compares to the movie has mainly nothing to do at with the movie, except for the first three levels.

Overall-3.5/10-This game is not worth your money, nor your time. Like I said, save your money for the next Halo game, and if you have already bought this game, good luck getting more than two dollars for it...

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