The best Spider-Man game in half a decade.

User Rating: 8.5 | Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions WII
In 2000 we had Spider-Man on the PSone with a engaging story featuring a new Sinister Seven, it was perfect with all the moves and had two sequels. In 2004 we had Spider-Man 2 on Gamecube, PS2 and Xbox where you got to be Spider-Man on a whole new level it felt a lot like the early comics too with Peter juggling his life and super hero exploits. One year later on the same platforms we got Ultimate Spider-Man which was like a interactive comic book and the best part was playing as Venom, two more games followed their trend but weren't as good.
Then just last year Beenox comes out with Shattered Dimensions which has been a return to form for the web slinger.
Gameplay - you get to play as four unique Spider-Men with unique abilities and levels each one a gripping cinematic experience and the Spidey;s face their villains.
Graphics - Okay so it won't win awards for graphics but Beenox did their best and have some impressive in game sequences like a tidal wave sweeping ships over, a ferris wheel blown off it's foundation and Juggernaut toppling a building.
Controls - I have no problem with the Wii remote and nunchuk they work fine for the game. It's a pity there weren't any options for the classic controller pro though.
The best Spider-Man game in years and the first good one on Wii, a enjoyable game both for fans and gamers.