Has great cutscenes but the actual gameplay is bad

User Rating: 6 | Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions PS3
The graphics were good during the cutscenes but then they would go to the game and i'd be wondering what just happened. the gameplay was great good fighting parts my only compliant is that they didn't really provide any strategic upgrade system becuase it was you buy an upgrade for everyone and thats great but i would love to be able to get a bit more variety for the fighting. The bosses are pretty challenging which suprised me usually I can find the bosses weakness and then within 5 minutes their done so this was a great part of it. one thing that I was wishing they had done was free roaming it would be awesome to go around town stopping criminals in whatever spider form you chose. Overall this game was like an explosion of fun at first but after the a few hours it got repetitive and boring