A good spidey adventure

User Rating: 8 | Spider-Man: Mysterio's Menace GBA
This game is very solid. It is a pretty entertaining and fun game, I recommend it. You play as spiderman, our favorite spider-superhero. The story is well developed and the gameplay feels way batter than in Battle for NY. Let's look at the aspects of the game:
Pros: Cool graphics attempt to create 3D models (not my favorite style but it works). The music is varied this time, every space in which you are changes music. 3 different diffculty levels for the challengers. Very well developed story.
Contras: Not too long, but enough. Bosses are sometimes too predictable.
Graphics: The graphics are an attempt of a 3D model. We've seen WAAAY too much of this in the GBA, but that doesn't mean it's bad:
Difficulty: If you play the last difficulty (I think it's called super hero something), this is challenging enough and'll keep you entertained:
Addiction: The gameplay is almost flawless if you compare it to battle for NY, so if you have played that horrible game (like me), the game would keep you wanting to play more and more. I also found the story really good, so there is stuff that'll keep you coming back:
Gameplay: The controls are the same from Battle for NY, but in here, most of the glitches are gone, so it's quite enjoyable:
Replay Value: The 3 difficulties would keep you coming back for more challenge, the game's fun even if you replay it, and it isn't too long:
Variety: The enemies and bosses have different abilities, also youcan use different spideys with some powerups, there's this white spidey, and a shiny spidey, so ya:
Sound: The sound changes depending on where you are, not like in Battle for NY, where they had like 3 soundtracks:
Story: The story is well developed, and I personally love the story in spidey games:
Multiplayer: I really don't like multiplayer in GBA, but maybe this game's missing it:
Conclusion: The GBA has some good games, this is a good one to entertain you in a long trip or something, you should buy it.