Probably the best spider-man game to come out for a portable system.

User Rating: 8 | Spider-Man: Mysterio's Menace GBA
Well, I got this game from my sister like 7 years ago and it still rocks today in 2009(currently 2009). If anyone wants a great, simple, and yet fun and challenging game, then get this.

The story starts with Peter Parker talking with Mary Jane. She wants Peter to pick up a fish bowl for her, but a news story revealing criminal activity all over town forces Peter to put off getting the bowl for the moment. Thus begins a long night.....

The gameplay for this is simple, but with many options. A is to jump and A in the air is a quick web swing to cover distance. B is to punch or uppercut, spin kick, drop kick, or run kick, if you combine up, down, left, or right with B. L is impact web for damage, R is capture web to tie enemies up, and L and R together creates a web shield to guard against attacks and projectiles. You can stick to walls just by pushing a direction towards a wall or floor. In the game, you explore different environments full of bad guys to reach the end of the level and fight a boss to progress the story. While you play, you can pick up web refills, armor that absorbs damage for awhile, health, invincibility, and hidden permanent power-ups, such as extra web holders and different suits that protect against elements.

The enemies all have health bars, so when you beat on them, the bar decreases and you eventually knock them out. The bad guys range from muscular thugs to army officers to ninjas, even clowns and skeletons!

The environments you roam around in are actually quite clever, because they include the city, a refinery, a chemical plant, etc., and they blend the backrounds in with the area to make a nicely blended atmosphere. and the graphics are very nice for a gameboy game. There is no slow down or anything in the game, just smooth gameplay and controls.

Overall, this game is lots of fun, because of the variety, the easy control, the secret power-ups to find, and the classic beat-em-up gameplay. It's a nice addition to any gamer's collection and I recommend this to everyone. Enjoy!