User Rating: 8 | Spider-Man: Mysterio's Menace GBA
This is a good solid playing GBA game that most palyers would enjoy. the environments are varied and the game play is solid after getting used to the ability to crawl and climb, spray webs and fasten to almost any surface throughout the game. In fact, a really cool feature of the game is the ability to fight the baddies while attached to the walls and cielings. i found the game very inexpensively at the used game store and thought the value mark of this title should be very high. the enemies are are very similar. while they do hinvolve an extra challenge to defeat, the bosses look just like the other baddies. i kinda wish they had a little extra graphic thrill when it comes to the end of the levels and would make the bosses look different from the other characters. the sounds are ok...the music could be a little more prominent in the game, so for sound score i rate this title average. as far as a personal issue, the type of saving process with this game is the kind where the player is required to memorize or somehow remember this spewing of letters and numbers. this type of saving is very non user friendly and to me impacts game play. so i will rate gameplay (because of the otherwise excellent layout of this game) a 8. i don't like to have scraps of paper with gibberish written on it. why not just have some nice easy password like ecks vs sever or t. r. prophecy??? we can all look up the codes on the internet if desperate anyhoo, this is a decent game for the GBA console... get it if you can find it cheap.