Great Game with tons of secrets. I think of it as a handheld version of the ps1 spiderman games.

User Rating: 10 | Spider-Man: Mysterio's Menace GBA
Spider-Man:Mysterios Menace Review

Graphics: Very nice and smooth. Better than the movie-based Spidey GBA

Gameplay: Definetly good. Controls are responsive and there are tons of secrets to find. The reason I call this a handheld version of the PS1 Spider-Man games is because of the costumes, powerups, and bosses. First, this is the only other game with the "White" Spider-Man(His Armor). Second, it has 4 costumes in addition to that. 3 of them are mostly only helpful in their power. The other one has amazing power and a nice appearance, Here they are:

Thermal Suit: Protects from Fire
Armor Suit: Reduces Damage when hit by Enemy
Electric Suit: Protects from Electricity
Symbiote(Black) Suit: Heals health and web fluid gradually and has super

You may unlock all of these throughout the levels and it may require you replaying levels and searching for them.
Also, the bosses are almost all in the first two games. The only one that isn't is big wheel. These Include Scorpion,Electro, and Mysterio. There are more than that, though. The bosses are the main reason that I suggest you don't cheat to get all the levels.

Save Option: It's really not that bad to have a password as a save option. Just write your passwords on a peice of paper or something. It also gives you the opportunity to cheat ;) I suggest you don't though, because most of the cheats you find on sites put you under the Super Hero difficulty and you miss the bosses!! Plus you don't get the challenge of finding the suits yourself. The only one really hard to get is the Black Costume. here's a hint: It's on the last level and involves a giant spike pit.

Replayability: Definetly fun to replay and fight all the cool bosses. Also you search for all the upgrades and costumes.

Overall: Awsome! Difficulty depends on which difficulty you start your game.
on. Almost a mini 2d handheld version of the PS1 games.