good game play, nice batlles with the bosses, and the best of game, the search for powerups ! one of the bests spidgames

User Rating: 8 | Spider-Man: Mysterio's Menace GBA
Always been a fan of Spiderman, and consequently enjoyed playing the games, I found some other good pretty bad, but I stopped playing when this was released, Now when I decided to take a chance and play this game I started to play and finish the game only now, over 10 years after being launched, for me one of the top 5 games of spider man spider, good game play, a gameplay very fast, a good artificial intelligence of enemies, well balanced and may have a slightly larger variety of enemies, interesting clashes against the bosses and the best of the game, power ups, the search trough the levels, the difficulty is well balanced, just missed the game a few more levels, and more variety of blows or how to use the web, anyway one of the top 5 games spiderman for me, the best spider game of the portables series.