one word - style

User Rating: 8 | Spider-Man: Friend or Foe PC
friend or foe plays well with rather smooth controls, although sometimes you can accidentally pick up a box instead of webbing your enemies. although it rarely happens, it is one of the few control glitches i have with friend or foe. its really quite fun to play, although spider man is overpowered. you can upgrade spider mans web abilities and his stats, like his stamina, strength, etc... but you cant upgrade the other characters abilities, making them lacking in what style attacks spider man has. talking about style, friend or foe makes the game in such a way that a single button press can make your character do a cool move. combining button presses will make spider man do even cooler moves. the storyline is half-baked. you start off in a flying aircraft with terminals to teleport you to various parts of the world to save people. i know the developers wanted to create different environments, but this idea really sucks.
other than minor control problems and bad storyline, spider man friend or foe is a game you should play.