Half a Marvel

User Rating: 6 | Spider-Man: Friend or Foe X360
-- Fast start, slow finish

Spider-Man enters in a flash and the game starts off well; fast, fun and witty. Both the action and general feel hits the Spider-Man cartoon notes great. Attacks are flashy and extreme but all very accessible. More and more characters join in along the way, but the fun slows down and feels a little too plain to really stand out in the end.

-- All flash, no finish

Even though both character choice and attacks are plenty and varied, button-mashing will clear most screens out without any real thought to strategy. The different levels are OK but are little more than a straight rail turned into a curvy trail and doesn't let you stray off-course.

Even though there's some good fun to be had here, without a real challenge and missing that little extra polish to keep you locked in, it doesn't really linger in your memory.

-- Pros & Cons

+ Good, cartoony fun
+ Lots of characters and attacks
- Lacks challenge
- Gets repetitive in the end