Friend or Foe is not a bad to play, but i would rent it if I were you.

User Rating: 7 | Spider-Man: Friend or Foe X360
Spidey has been in alot of bad game, but this game is different then the others.

The Story: Similar to web of shadows, Symbiotes take over parts of the world, and the spider has to get the help from his friends and enemies to stop the invasion, but unlike WoS, you don't get to choose a side between going bad or being a hero.

The Graphics: The cartooney side to the movies. What seems to be strange is that most of the villains that had died in the movies are back in the game.

Gameplay: Typical side scrolling action.

Characters: From Black Cat to Venom to Sandman, many strange alliances. The only problem I have is that both Green Goblin and New Goblin have the exacted same move-set.

Area: The game goes from Japan to Transylvania. Many unique places you would not expect spidey to go. Many of the level have area you can unlock in battle mode.

Controls: They work for this game. All the controls just felt right and worked whenever you press a button or move the stick.

Final Thoughts: This might not be the best spider-man game in the world, but still is a good game.