Spider-man returns with one of his worst adventures, which otherwise has its pros.

User Rating: 6.5 | Spider-Man: Friend or Foe PC
The dissapointment I feel when I see that each and every Spider-man game misses vital ingredients which bring success cannot be written. So FoF is not exception. The exception would be positive, if there was one, because the Spider-man series are a total letdown. I may be wrong, but it is definately made for little children in mind.

Anyway, Spider-man turns round the globe in order to defeat his arch-villains, who help him afterwards to succeed, till they beat everyone affected by the symbiote. This story is not that serious, as it comes up with tons of humoir, which is essential for such a game. But it is unforgivable that the combat is even more humoirous, like a joke, if you take into consideration the difficulty of the game which is completely missing. Apart from Spider-man, you can take control of his enemies, who help him. But it is not the same fun and satisfaction as it is with him. In fact, it seems that the combat moves of Spider-man are very-well made, whereas the others are moving like trash bins. However, what FoF misses in difficulty is what it wins with its overall style. But it is not enough, as there are more cons en route. After a while, you will realize that the levels don't change that much progressing in the game, and the same could be said for the enemies you face. And to make matters worse, the graphics of the game may be respectable, but they are not unless you own a powerfull graphics card or a smooth-running processor.

Spider-man's new adventure lacks the adventurous style it had the previous years, replacing it with a lacklustre humoirous one. It is a game you should fairly avoid by the time you are not a Spider-man fanatic or you have passed the fifth grade.