The worst spiderman game.

User Rating: 3 | Spider-Man: Friend or Foe PS2
After spiderman 3 i was wondering if Friend or foe was good.And not,is unispired,boring,extremely easy and a waste of time.

No good story and theres only one character,spiderman.The rest are just a pile of ill.But theres simple menus and good exploring.

Terrible graphics that tried to adapt a cartoon style and fails by far,but the scenarios are good enough.

Both music and sounds are terrible,as they are.Even the past game for the ps2 has better music.

Abysmal gameplay,every character is ugly and they not explote they potencial,New goblin dosen't use his plane,Green goblin is the same,Sandman always punch without sand and just after the end turns him arm in sand,Venom is the worst,he dosen't even use web,just grabing and is a shame.Better not to continue,and the beat em up is just boring,and after 5 minutes you will shut down the console.

Lasting Appeal:2
After completing the game in less than 5 hours,the only thing to do is to play versus.

Veredict:Just burn this game and turn in on fire,or send to the garbage.