7.0? That's generous, Gamespot. Too generous.

User Rating: 3 | Spider-Man: Friend or Foe X360
Step 1: Take Marvel: Ultimate Alliance.

Step 2: Strip away everything compelling about the game.

Step 3: Slap Spider-Man's face on the cover.

Step 4: Rake in the profits.

This seems to be the formula so-called "Next Level" Games followed when developing this title. Between the painfully tedious combat, the absolutely -horrible- storyline, and the dreadfully corny dialogue and failed attempts at humor this game will have you itching for the power button on your 360.

Player 1 takes control of "Spider-Man" (note the quotation marks) who spends the entire game saying some of the lamest lines ever written. Spider-Man is supposed to be funny, but this game failed terribly to carry that humor over. I did hear, like, one, maybe two things that were funny.

Think that's good? Consider 8-10 hours of near-constant blabber and rethink your answer.

Player 2 gets to choose from a group of assorted heroes and villains such as Black Cat, Doctor Octopus, Green Goblin, and Blade (many of which have nearly identical move sets).

As for the actual game, you basically fight 4 enemies (bosses not included) over, and over, and over, and over again throughout the course of the game. Let me explain:

1st enemy type: A small flying drone that suicide bombs into you for minimal damage and is otherwise harmless.

2nd enemy type: A bipedal enemy about the size of your character. Almost harmless, except when like 20 of them swarm you at once.

3rd enemy type: A larger enemy that can actually harm you. Requires you to hit it a ridiculous amount of times, and then perform a finisher by pressing 'B'. Always the same.

4th enemy type: A massive mini-boss that occurs roughly 1-3 times a level, almost every level. Can shield himself and stomp on the ground, sending shockwaves at you that you have to jump over to dodge. Takes a horribly long time to wear down his health. Not hard though.

Take those four enemies, make 5 skins for each, and put 1 of each type into all 5 areas.

Horribly simple. Horribly bland. Horribly lazy.

The Good
*Blade's pretty cool

The Bad
*Worst spider-man character I've ever seen
*Bad story
*Bad lines
*Bad graphics
*Bad everything

The Just Plain Ugly
*Terribly repetitive and bland

Now to the scores.

Graphics: (5)
Gameplay: (1)
Sound: (4)
Story: (2)
Multiplayer: (5)
Replayability: (1)
Overall: (3.0)

7.0? WAY too generous.