If you're a geek for video games and you have kids,then this is the just right game for your family to enjoy!

User Rating: 8 | Spider-Man: Friend or Foe X360

Spider-Man:Friend or Foe is just an excellent beat-em-up action game in which you take control of Spider-Man and other villians while you play through the game.This game is just right for you and your son to enjoy since it contains some fun worlds and it contains no bad language.There are pros and cons about this game.Pros:Fine controls,great fighting combos,great graphics,and challenging achievements.Cons:Too easy,and cheap upgrades.Achievements can easily be unlocked during multiplayer.Here are some achievements and ways to unlock them.

Our Powers Combined 25G This is the easiest achievement in the game.Find a Hero-Strike Power Up and activate it.You will get the achievement after you exit to the Helicarrier or complete a level.

Lightning Strikes 25G While in boss levels or in big crowds of enemies during standard levels,keep using standard punches and not combos.

All Tied Up 75G Buy all the upgrades for Web Stun and save the game(It normally auto-saves)

Arachnid Artillery 75G

Buy all upgrades for Web Shoot and save your game.

There are more achievements in the game.The story(though easy) is great and so is the graphics.You should buy it if you're an achievement hunter or a Xbox 360 beginner.