Did not like the game, thought it was a waist of time and thank god it was only 35$ because it was worth about half that

User Rating: 4.5 | Spider-Man: Edge of Time X360
This game starts out semi-strong, but quickly deteriorates. For me it wasn't even worth finishing, so I got to 73% and decided to stop. The game starts with a cool scene that plays out through the rest of the story, introducing the current Spiderman to a Spiderman from the year 2099. This idea was interesting enough to get me to buy the game; but Activision did a slapdash job of delivering. Some might say, "Well what do you expect, it's an unadvertised Spiderman game." What I expect is that certain elementary details would be worked out, but they were not. Details such as cinematic transitions that got progressively less fluid, a simplistic fighting system, and less high speed web slinging than a Spiderman game should have. What was weird about the cinematic effects was that in the beginning, they weren't half bad; but as the game progressed the dialog got increasingly banal, and the cut scenes grew less interesting. For example, I didn't like the air duct crawls. They were unnecessary and you had to hold down the RS joystick for extended periods to keep your Spiderman moving forward. After spending about 5 minutes crawling through a duct, I thought I was in for some good old Spiderman gameplay, tying up bad guys in webs and kicking butt with superhuman skills. The primary villains were challenging opponents; but I spent most of the game engaging henchmen who didn't work together and posed little challenge. Just tap Y about a hundred times, throw X and the jump button in the mix now and then, and you have your self an easy play through