Spider-Man Edge of Time Review

User Rating: 8 | Spider-Man: Edge of Time PS3
Edge of Time is one of those Spider-Man games that is underrated. Edge of Time is actually a great game and they did a spectacular job on the story.

Story: The story is just the best part of Edge of Time. It's so good, you just want to see what happens next. The story takes place in two places. The present and the future (2099). I won't spoil the story so I'm only going to say this. The story is amazing and you should buy this game just because of that. You could get mixed up in the story though. When you play as two spider-mans, it's pretty confusion and messes up the story. I give the story, a 9/10.

Gameplay and Controls: Controls are similar to Shattered Dimensions except there are a few changes. The Gameplay is also similar. This doesn't ruin the game at all though. It still feels fresh and very fun to play. The Gameplay and controls are pretty good. The only part were the Gameplay isn't good, is when your falling and you have to control your movement. It's extremely hard and I at least died ten times. Also, when your swinging and fighting the camera angle is a little bad. This rarely happens but when it does, it's very annoying. I also find that you have to do the same thing in every level. It get's really repetitive and ruins the fun. I give the Gameplay and Controls, a 7.5/10.

Graphics: The graphics has, some-what, improved from Shattered Dimensions. It looks great but when your camera goes close to Spider-Man, he kind of disappears. This doesn't affect anything but I though I should mention it. Cut scenes look amazing but when your in the game it looks a little plain. Also there aren't that many different areas which makes everything look the same. The present and future both look exactly the same even though your in different times. I give the graphics a 8.0/10.

Overall: This is a great Spider-Man game. It's really underrated but it' really good. I give Spider-Man Edge of Time, a 82/100. (8.0/10)