This is actually pretty good for its pretty linear gameplay but the voice acting, writing and story are awesome

User Rating: 8 | Spider-Man: Edge of Time PS3
I don't know why ppl are giving this 6/10 and C's this game is a completely different animal then Shattered Dimensions and Web of Shadow's. I like how this game is very Story Based (Unlike SD & WoS) Granted I wish there may have been a couple more Supervillian's in this game but remember we got 13 in the last game. I have played a lot of Spider-man games since Maximum Carnage and this one reminded me a lot of that plus a little of the PS One Spider-man game back in the day. I do agree that there was only about 6-7 hours of story mode which was a little disappointing but the story was really good none the less. Plus I was impressed with the twist with the "CEO" Character so anyone who has not played this game yet it is worth a rent to see if you like it and if you do then you should buy and enjoy.