Better than it's predecessor, shattered dimensions, Spidey is now the hero of a ''cloned'' Arkham Asylum!

User Rating: 8 | Spider-Man: Edge of Time PS3
First off, I was really skeptical when I was saw the trailers months ago after what I thought was a big let down on spidey games, ''shattered dimensions''. I thought it would be the same bad games that tried to be a rip off of Batman Arkham asylum with the same controls and gameplay... But then after playing a few minutes I was really surprised and I really enjoyed it, the spider-man fan in me really loved to see spidey 2099 back in action and the good storyline they wrote for the game!

The game start in an immersive and pretty cinematic, that really hook you to the game right away. The visuals are great better than it's predecessor too, and the game is more fluid in it's control as well. They have improved the AI and the control leaked a bit the challenge map but everything stays the same, so if you've enjoyed shattered dimensions you will like edge of time and won't be lost in the control nor the gameplay.

Edge of time really look like a new version of Batman Arkham Asylum but starring spidey instead of the dark knight, and they did a good job! No more level after another, instead in this one you play the whole game and you switch character via cinematics in the storyline which is pretty neat and they're alway in communication.

The new power ups are cool and the way to improved them is easier than the last game you can even share a ''time portal'' let's call it this way, which is new for this game, ability between the 2 characters that help you alot by slowing time and making enemies easier to kill!

The game is not too long nor too short the story is good so you wont get bored sure it's repetitive like every other games out there, but hey isn't live a routine... ;) The trophies are not too hard to get as well so all you trophy hunters will be pleased, you can get the platinum in 2 gameplays due to the difficulty based trophies because hard is unlocked after you beat the game, and it take about 20 hours or so to get all the trophies. The unlockable system is ok you have to beat the challenges to get new outfits and powerups and so on and if you dont have key coins that you get in challenge mode well you can't unlock all the costumes and trust me some are pretty neat, especially for the fans!

So in other words there's very few cons on this game, i really enjoyed playing it and I definitly recommend it even if you're not a spider-man fan this game is a defnitive buy! :)

Hope might review enlighted you a bit in your choice to play the game or not, till next time, Adios!