Wish i still had a copy

User Rating: 8.5 | Spider-Man & Venom: Maximum Carnage SNES
Maximum carnage was an awsome game, hands down...like six thirty. I really enjoyed playing this as a kid, and i would love to get my self a copy of it again. To be brutally honest I never actually beat this game...it was too hard! Of course i was just a kid, so i could probly knocok it out now...but im sure it would still be really difficult to pull off...especially when you fight carnage and all his goonies at the same time, that part is so damn annoying! This is a great game though, tons of levels, switching between spider man and venom (my personal favorite characetr in spiderman) and carnage being the boss, which is exactly what he is..a boss. It just went realy hard, something to put down in the hall of classics. Thats how i feel. It had a cool feel to it as well, it was different. Thats my review. ya figga dillz meh!!